Name That Game: Video Game Music Trivia

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Name That Game is launching on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon this Saturday!

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Do you love video games? Of course you do! But how well do you know your video game music? Listen to short music clips from hundreds of classic video games, spanning across several different systems. Guess which video game it is and set the high score. Discover new music and video games and rediscover your old favorites. New music and games added weekly.

Video games have some of the most iconic music of any medium. Listening to just a few notes
of a song can bring us back to the time we first played that game. Test your listening skills
and enjoy excellent music from classic video games.

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  • WINNING STREAK: Guess as many songs as you can in a row to set the high score.
  • 2-MINUTE RUSH: You have 2 minutes to guess as many tracks as possible. Win points for correct answers, but lose points for wrong ones.
  • 20-TRACK TRIP: Can you identify all 20 randomly selected tracks?


  • More than 1,000 different clips!
  • Hundreds of different games
  • 3 exciting game modes!
  • 4 different video game systems!
  • Detailed performance statistics!
  • Unlock achievements to prove your video game knowledge!
  • Leaderboards for every combination of game mode and system
  • Set high scores and compare your scores with your friends!
  • Learn more about each video game!
  • Content updated regularly!